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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I search for names of my ancestors on the Census Website 1795-1971?
This website only provides data of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The CBS do not publish individual records such as names and addresses. The publications on this website, however, include specific information on people’s environment in the past, like the municipality and the district. These data might be of great interest for genealogical research. For more information about family names, take a look on the website of the Meertens Institute or the Central Bureau for Genaelogy (CBG).

2. Can I retrieve the complete results of a census?
Complete results are only available for the censuses of 1960 and 1971, which will shortly be published on this website.

3. Where can I find present demographic information?
The present data can be retrieved through STATLINE of Statistics Netherlands. STATLINE also includes historical data from 1899.

4. Where can I find international demographic data?
On the website of Statistics Netherlands a list is available of links to comparable foreign institutes. On our linkpage you can find links to foreign historical census projects.

Other questions

If your question is not shown here or if you have any suggestions for our website, please contact us at the Digital Archives and Networked Services (DANS).


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